Develop a platform for Digitalization and Intelligentization to speed-up and support the Fashion and Textile industry Sustainability by development and application of eco-sustainable materials, eco-sustainable fabrics, eco-sustainable design and eco-sustainable products as well as eco-sustainable supply chain management.


Establish a platform for academic and industrial stakeholders to disseminate FBD_BModel project results and exploit the research outputs maintaining collaborations, promoting networking and developing new services to create digital novel supply chains with innovative data services in fashion industry 4.0 in Europe.

Main Activities


  • Dissemination

    Promote the dissemination and explotation of FBD_BModel results

  • Technologies Uptake

    Promote the technologies uptake of Digitization and intelligentization technologies and services.

  • Collaboration

    Promote international collaboration between academia, industry and consultancies

  • New Projects

    Offers project development collaboration and services


  • Piloting/training

    Further develop and pilot data-based services

  • Business services

    Create business services that can help fashion and textile companies

  • Business modelling

    Provide access to B2B2C Business models toolkits

  • Standardisation

    Develop CEN, BSI and ISO standards, and certifications

Membership Benefits

  • Voting and participating in FBD Foundation Governing Council election.
  • Access to FBD Foundation all services and activities and open platform and network in textile research and innovation in Europe.
  • Participate in expert meetings and online exchanges on various textile research and technology subjects related to FBD foundation.
  • Access a contacts database to identify and link to experts in your field of interest.
  • Add your personal profile to the FBD database to enable potential research and business partners to find you.
  • Find extensive documentation about European FBD textile research projects and partners.
  • Obtain timely and customized information about EU funding opportunities for FBD research and get support when applying for funds.
  • Make personalized demonstration business cases with small quantity of specific illustrative data of your company.

Membership Options

  • Founding members
    voting rights with all the priorities and benefits in participating FBD Foundation management, paying one-off permanent membership fee.
  • Regular members
    voting rights with all the benefits, paying full annual membership fee.
  • Associate members (networking)
    pay discounted annual fees, no voting rights and no participation in management activities, have the option to become regular member after paying full annual fee.

Eligibility conditions

  • Enterprises and/or persons have demonstrated professional qualifications, experiences, knowledge and/or interest in Fashion Big Data research and innovation.
  • Enterprises and/or persons are based in a European country (associated to the EC’s research framework programme)
  • Payment of the membership fees

Legal Terms

  • FBD foundation will be a not-for-profit organisation and be established as a Cooperative Society.
  • “Not-for-profit organisation” is a broad term for all independent organisations whose purpose is something other than to make private profit for directors, members or shareholders.
  • A Cooperative Society is owned by its founding members, who hold shares and control the society democratically, on a one-member one-vote basis. Its main purpose is to provide services to its members, which is Incorporated with voting members and is not charitable.
  • Cooperative Societies must be based on the co-operative values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity, and solidarity.
  • FBD Foundation will have founding members who take part in running the organisation by voting. The role founding members play is primarily to elect the directors, trustees or management committee of the organisation.
  • The membership to a Cooperative Society is open to people who use the services provided by the society, or work for the society.
  • A Cooperative Society cannot be charitable because its beneficiaries are its own members, rather than the public.
  • Ref:

FBD Foundation: Roadmap

FBD Foundation: Governing Structure

Associates Individual Regular members Enterprise Regular members Individual Founding membersEnterprise Founding members Council member Council member Council member Treasurer Secretary General PRESIDENT OF FBD Foundation

Membership Application Form

Founding Membership

€ 3000 one off

Voting rights with all the priorities and benefits, paying one-off permanent membership fee.

Ordinary membership

€ 500 Yearly

For Regular members: voting rights with all the benefits, paying full annual membership fee.

Associate Networking Membership

€ 25 Yearly

Pay discounted annual fees, no voting rights and no participation in management activities.

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