FASHION BIG DATA TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM – New digital business models for fashion and textile supply chains



19th February 2021


ONLINE- GoToWebinar


Fashion, textile and IT Professionals and (Senior) Researchers


Internet, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence constitute the key technology drive for the future of fashion textile industry, permitting to create new business models for the whole supply chain.

In this workshop organized by the FBD_BModel Consortium, a novel fashion big data technology platform linking consumers’ needs and market demands with the manufacturing processes will be presented. This platform enables the development of new business models for retailers (B2C) and business partners in the supply chain (B2B), providing data-based services.

You will have the opportunity to see this innovative solution in action and see how your business model can be changed with big data, and contribute to the discussion on hot topics and new trends: customized small series production for e-commerce, nearshoring, resilience and sustainability models, all abled by AI and big-data based services.


Time Title Speaker
10.00 – 10.05 Welcome and introduction Isella Vicini | Warrant Hub SpA
10.05 – 10.15 FBD_BModel – Fashion technological platform with intelligence services.
EU funding supporting the development of new technologies and business models based on data.
Cinzia Iacono / Warrant Hub SpA
10.15 – 10.40
FBD_BModel – Fashion technological platform with intelligence services.

How do big data, artificial intelligence and virtual reality promote new fashion business model?

A panoramic view on:

–          Cloud Computational Interactive Design Systems – linking consumers with fashion supply chain business partners directly and digitally

–          Cloud Computational Supply Chain Production Management Systems – supporting small fashion series production

–          FBD_BModel Platform and App – ensuring usability and reliability for consumers and industries in the digital domain

Xianyi Zeng / ENSAIT (Coordinator)



Henry Yi Li/University of Manchester

Rudrajeet Pal/University of Boras

Céline Rotcajg/ Premaccess

10.40 – 11.10
FBD_BModel at work – new fashion on-line supply chain management and retail models based on data into practice
Enrico Cozzoni/Grado Zero Espace

Céline Rotcajg/Premaccess

Xianyi Zeng / ENSAIT (Coordinator)

11.10 – 11.20
Innovative B2B2C Business models in the fashion domainnew strategies for local design, production and marketing
Dieter Stellmach/DITF
11.20 – 11.55 Round Table and Open Discussion

Towards the Textile circular economy and sustainability – perspective, vision and new developments

  • Sustainability at the core of fashion evolution
  • Customized small series production as the new trend
  • Flexible glocal production models for resilience
  • Digital Data-based services unlocking business potential

Dieter Stellmach/ DITF



Marte Hentschel/Squetch

Alessandro Canepa// Piacenza cashmere / iDeal Srl-SizeYou

Fabrizio Fiocchi/ESGEO


11.55 – 12.00 Fashion Big Data Foundation Henry Yi Li/University of Manchester
12.00 Closing Cinzia Iacono/Warrant Hub



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